About Pepin Yacht Club

The BEST Yacht Club in the Upper Midwest!


Pepin Yacht Club is a welcoming family of cruising sailors. You won’t find a stuffy atmosphere or “overboard” rules. Just good people have a great time with their love of yachting! Top it off with a great club house, furnished kitchen and private bathrooms and its a no-brainer!

Social Events

At Pepin Yacht Club, our main focus is our bond of boating. As a club, we have numerous events throughout the season by which you can have fun and create new friendships. We have multiple gas grills, a full kitchen and indoor areas when the weather outside is not cooperating. Participation is not mandatory but is a always a great time!

Club Bylaws

Friendly Regattas

Club racing means its all for fun. While many races are very competitive, it’s about the joy of being out on the water together. Races are PERF’d by boat type and are generally a staggered start with a common finish. Slower boats get to go earlier, while the faster boats have to wait. Finishers are timed as the boat crosses. Laughs are shared afterwards at the clubhouse!

Our Story

Formed when Lake Pepin was still covered in a glacier, The Pepin Yacht Club has been a gathering place for generations of sailors! Since our first “Wolly Mammoth Regatta” many moons ago, to our current digs, we have always enjoyed a sense of purpose here on Pepin, to have fun on the water and with each other!