Please keep your nose to the wind, spring is coming and now is the time to start ordering parts for your boat.

Knowing a boat is a hole in water that swallows our hard earned money on both the needed and the wanted.

First up is arguably the best buffing compound for oxidized finishes, 3M Marine Restorer and Wax. While I’m not a shill for 3M, this stuff works great the first time. Instead of doing at least 3 coats, buff then wax, this stuff honestly can get it done in one pass and leave an unbelievable shine. Its available in lots of locations and online, beside 3M direct show in the link.

Next, I’m going to add a rigid boom vang. In my case, with the fiberglass arch, having a topping lift fail could cause some damage that could be avoided by merely having rigid vang. After pricing numerous options, Garhauer Marine seems to be the clear winner.